To remold kitchen or not to remold the kitchen that is the question?

This is an unusual question because it’s my kitchen.  I need to ask Stephanie and Janet what to do with my kitchen.  My kitchen is the original kitchen built in 1987.  We were a young couple and we got the cabinets that came with the house.   Now fast forward to now and they are outdated,  a drawer needs repair,  and all the cabinets needs new hardware.  Most of the house has been remolded but we never touch the kitchen because of the cost.  I went to our local home improvement store and the price of the cabinets goes from a letter A to J. The letter” A” being the lest expensive and “J” the most expensive.  Damnit  I picked a J, I tried to settle but I love the J one.  The installation alone for this project was over $7000.00.  I am trying to decide whether to order the kitchen of my dreams or to wake up from the dream? Do I repair my existing cabinets and have them painted?  Retirement or Kitchen? Kitchen or Retirement?  We are getting the age to think about retirement, do I really want to spend this on a kitchen? If I paint the cabinets will 5 years down the line I regret not replacing the cabinets? I can’t decide so I’m asking Stephanie and Janet.  That’s not fair because we can’t answer our own question.  We are not experts in our own lives just in other people lives.  We have all the answers for other folks but can’t make a personal decision.  Decisions, decisions, decisions.

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Hello it's me. I am who I am, whoever that is? I'm on this journey of life and trying to enjoy it one day at a time. I hope you enjoy my blogs because I will enjoy them by myself if you don't! I love to laugh and love to share laughter.

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