My banking experience

This morning I had a hour break before attending a funeral.  I thought let me run to the bank and make a withdrawal. This bank is not in my normal bank that I do business with.  As I approached the door, I couldn’t open it, there was a doorbell with a red light glowing.  It soon turned green so I entered the door.  The next step was to go through a metal detector and the announcement came over the speaker to “please put all metal objects on the shelf” then the other doorbell turned green to enter (What the ?)When I entered the bank there was one person ahead of me and one bank teller.  The teller was on the phone and hadn’t started waiting on the person ahead of me so I sat in the lounge area because I know it would take a while before it will be my turn.  As I got in line because another guy was coming in the door, I greeted the guy behind me and we both discussed how slow this bank move.  We overheard the teller explain they only have one teller at each branch on Saturdays.  Who the hell does that?  Finally it’s my turn and I’m trying to be friendly because it’s not the teller fault it takes so long and she have to do her scripted bullshit line that she was trained to say.  I tell you this bank gets on my damn nerves with their too friendly, super sweet scripted lines, WELCOME BACK, what is your name? (damn it read my withdrawal slip along with my driver’s license and you will know my name).  I’m not complaining about good customer service, I love genuine customer service just not that scripted, high pitched fake niceness.  When I was finished with my transaction she asked in her high pitched voice “Is there anything else I can help you with today”? I was thinking yes there is but it would probably take too long to get it.  bank

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Hello it's me. I am who I am, whoever that is? I'm on this journey of life and trying to enjoy it one day at a time. I hope you enjoy my blogs because I will enjoy them by myself if you don't! I love to laugh and love to share laughter.

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