ShareI was thinking … by Stephanie and Janet

Come on in and make yourself comfortable.  Would you like some coffee, tea, wine? Go ahead and get yourself some and come back I’ll wait. ( I’ll put on the hold music while you are gone)Hello my name is Stephanie Welch-Lewis and I would like to introduce you to Janet.  I didn’t know Janet until I was about 40 years old, well let me just say I always knew Janet but I didn’t know her by name.

Let me back up and give you some background about myself.  I am happily married (on most days) to my high school sweetheart MR.  We have two beautiful children (have you ever met a parent who say I have two ugly children?) and 5 grandsons. (Their names are #1, #2, #3, #4, #5 in that order and if you was wondering a couple of them were ugly in the beginning)

I believe I’m a typical person or maybe again I might not be but hey I am who I am.  I would like to think that I am normal. (Everybody thinks they are normal) If you haven’t figured it out by now Janet is the voice inside my head, my alter ego, she uses slang and cuss a little. Let me tell you how proud of her I am because she used to cuss like a sailor, then I put her on a 10 cuss word a day diet, now she only cusses occasionally.  (That shit was hard as hell to do).

Where did Janet get her name?  My girls named me Janet unbeknownst to me (who uses this word?)   Every Saturday it was time to clean their rooms.  I would approach their rooms and say sweethearts please clean your rooms. (yeah right you said it like that?) The response would be OK.  Fifteen minutes later they were laughing and playing (these are high schoolers I’m talking about) I would go back and say “Didn’t I tell you to clean those rooms?” they would say ok.  I would set the alarm clock for 30 minutes when I went back to those rooms it looked just the same as the first, second and third time.  I would get to cussing, I can’t remember if a belt was involved or not but they called me Janet behind my back.  Years later I caught on of them saying here comes Janet.  I asked who is Janet? They burst out laughing and they finally told me that whenever I would go off on them they would call me Janet.

I am the most laid back person you would ever meet.  I love people, I love having fun and I smile all the time.  I can’t help it God made me that way.  It takes a lot to make me upset but babbbby when I do.  It goes SNAP, CRACKLE AND JANET!

How this blog began? I love Facebook, I wake up talk to God then it’s FB time. I write the longest posts and I guess it must be comical because everybody keep telling me how funny I am.  I received a phone call while I was on vacation.  (This lady is a person I admire and I’m going to be truthful ……I’m scared to tell this ….but …I wouldn’t accept her friend request for a long time because I didn’t want her to see how silly I act and I try to hide Janet.  She requested to be my friend a couple of times and we commented on the same post so she knew I had an active FB account so I reluctantly accepted her.  I thought she is definitely going to block my ass) She told me that I have a gift and I need to start blogging.  I was slow on working on this because I have no idea how to blog so please be patient with me until I figure this out.  Hopefully I will keep you entertained in the process.

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