Natural vs Man Made?

IMG_1474My mom got a new prescription it is to help her appetite. I went to one pharmacy and they didn’t have it in stock. I went to another pharmacy and they didn’t have it in stock either. I learned that her insurance wouldn’t pay for it because it was still considered experimental so the cost would be $60.

I decided to try another pharmacy inside the local grocery store. The pharmacy tech also explained to me that insurance didn’t cover the expense and it would be $60.  I decided well she needs the meds so ok. The pharmacy tech then asked me if I knew what this medication was used for?  I said yes it’s to help her appetite. She then explained to me it’s a man made form of marijuana. (I said to her before I even thought about it) Aww Shit, I been riding around town all day for this?  I could have called my cousin Ray Ray for this and it would have been cheaper and probably better for her too.  The little white headed caucasian lady (I have got to learn how to spell that word) nod her head in agreement with me.

My mom took one pill and it knock her on her ass. She couldn’t even function all day long. She said she wasn’t taking anymore of that shit. I thought damnit somebody going to use those expensive ass pills.

The next day mom was nausea and she needed to take the fake marijuana. I went to my refrigerator and I pinched off a piece of my chocolate chip cookie. I gave it to her. Minutes later she came out that room and announced she felt much better. I said that because that cookie had weed in it. She was shocked like I poisoned her or something. I said look it worked didn’t it? She said yes. I said they was going to give you some fake stuff you might as well get the natural, wholesome, straight from the earth without all the chemicals. She agreed with me.

I know dog gone well y’all trying to figure out why I have weed cookies in my refrigerator. I used to have weed jelly, brownie, oil, and a couple of joints too. Oh I forgot about the gummy bears, peanut butter fudge but that will be another blog coming very soon. Trust me it’s a funny story too.

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Hello it's me. I am who I am, whoever that is? I'm on this journey of life and trying to enjoy it one day at a time. I hope you enjoy my blogs because I will enjoy them by myself if you don't! I love to laugh and love to share laughter.

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