My Facebook World

I’m so glad he left for work now I can get on FB! I’m a grown woman and if I want to get on FB I’ll get on FB it just might be after he leaves for work. Have y’all notice people who hates FB don’t have FB? Don’t come to me asking me any questions about my FB friends or YOUR relatives, asking to see pics of folks deers, turkeys, etc. I had somebody ask me is there really a Mr? I 😂. I said yes he does exist. She later met him and said it’s really nice to meet you Mr. I know he have a FB spy out there and when I find you.. You are so blocked. If it’s your wife account she is going to be blocked too. Facebook keeps me in touch with my family and still feel like I’m a part of their lives. I love the pics of recitals, dances, proms, weddings, divorces. Well not pics of divorces, but you get the point. I get more scriptures on FB than the church. I didn’t even know I have so many Christian friends. Every post is about the Lordt (Not making fun of the Lord but the folks that a card carrying member of the holier than thou club) Some of my FB Christian folks attend Bedside Baptist Church. (They don’t need no church cause they know it all and the pastor just trying to take their money.  They can keep that $3) I have to admit I occasionally attend Bedside Baptist too. Then I have a group of Chefs. Every pic they have is of food. Some people don’t need to post their food at all and it’s funny that folks be liking that mess. I be thinking…. is that food for the dog? That cornbread look harder than a rock. Occasionally I’ll see something that will spark me to try to cook it. My requirements are not too many ingredients that I have to go to store to buy. If it have more than two items I never heard of before, nope I’m not trying that recipe. I can’t forget my FB crafters. I love them and I hate them at the same time. I love their craft and I hate I’m too lazy to try it myself. I will occasionally make a couple of items. Wait…..Mr came back inside. Oh snap I’m going to be busted. Shhhh be quiet. I just got busted!!!! He said I know you on that FB I just said yes. He have no clue what a blog is and to tell you the truth I don’t either. What was I talking about? Oh my groups on FB. I have my Trumpers. Trump the greatest and Trumps the worst. Ever single post is about Trump. I scroll pass both groups comments. Ain’t nobody got time for that mess. Oh the grandparents group. All the pics is of their grands. I got 5 grandsons if you read the about page you know their names are 1,2,3,4,5. I don’t want to see your grands EVERY time I go to FB. They were cute the first 76 times hell now I think I should add them to my grandkids I see them all the dang gone time. Oh the pray request folks. Please pray for me I got a headache, take an aspirin! Prayer for me because I can’t decide which toothpaste to buy it’s just so hard trying to decide which brand because it’s so many to pick from? Should I get it now or wait until it go on sale? Pray that I make a right decision. How about you pray for yourself. Did I miss any groups? If so just add it in the comments or which group do you belong or which group gets on your nerves the most?

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Hello it's me. I am who I am, whoever that is? I'm on this journey of life and trying to enjoy it one day at a time. I hope you enjoy my blogs because I will enjoy them by myself if you don't! I love to laugh and love to share laughter.

4 thoughts on “My Facebook World

  1. Good Morning Stephanie! Congratulations on your Blog! Your wit, (sometimes disguised as wisdom) your humor and love are greatly appreciated. I probably fit under a couple categories mentioned above 🙂 however food is one of my favorites things to share on Facebook. I haven’t posted much lately however, Eddie and I have continue to enjoy making healthy dishes and photographing them! I look forward to following you here and I’m sure others will too. I know you will keep it 100…lively and fun! This new chapter (Blog) is the beginning of even greater things to come! ❤ Marcia

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