The Review: Fresh out the mind of Stephanie and Janet. We will review restaurants, movies, stores, pretty much anything that we see in a days time.

Stephanie: I attended my first symphony Mahler Symphony Number 7 at the Whiting Auditorium in Flint, MI.  The conductor explained the program to the audience and the movements in the music.  It was a great experience and I will go in the future.

Janet: We went to the symphony.  Everyone was dressed nicely. The director told us what to expect from the songs they was going to play.  After the first song, I got ready to clap loudly to show how much I enjoyed it but I noticed nobody else was clapping.  How rude! I didn’t clap because I thought when in Rome do as the Romans do.  So after about 4 songs and no clapping in between, I got the program to see how many more songs are they going to play?  I couldn’t find the songs titles.  I was thinking so how long is this supposed to last? The music started sounding like the ending of a movie, loud, clinging cymbals and a long note at the end. Ok? Is this going to be the end of the song? Finally the audience claps, and claps, and claps, standing and clapping.  I leaned over to my friend and said.  “If they had clapped in between songs then they wouldn’t have to clap so long at the end”.  I found out that the pauses in between the songs are called movements and it was the same loooooooonnnng song, well Symphony Number 7 by Mahler.  I learned something new… Don’t clap in between movements.