I still got it

I was at the drive thru window at McDonalds and I saw my Mr. walking in the restaurant. I told the drive-thru lady “hey this really cute man just walked in, will you tell him I said hello”? The lady looked like”what?” I repeated my statement again.  She said Okkk??  I then started laughing and told her it was my husband. She started laughing too.

You should have seen him waving like he hadn’t seen me in years. I still got it (snapping fingers in the air) (Let’s not focus on the fact I was at McDonalds. I could have been getting a salad!!!)LOL

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Hello it's me. I am who I am, whoever that is? I'm on this journey of life and trying to enjoy it one day at a time. I hope you enjoy my blogs because I will enjoy them by myself if you don't! I love to laugh and love to share laughter.

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