Did they forget to send my Christmas Cards?

I love receiving Christmas cards. I usually receive approximately 15-20 of them. I have gotten  3 of them so far. Three.  MR is the Christmas Card Drill Sargent over here. He is always demanding I make sure I send his friends their funky Christmas Cards. I have to admit the  majority of our cards does come from his friends. Most of his friends are older Caucasians (good thing for autocheck because I couldn’t even spell that word, hell I was going to change the sentence to older white people) so they still actively practice  the dying art of sending Christmas cards.  I said older white friends because I have many white friends but they are in our age category and their asses aren’t sending any damn Christmas Cards.  You might get a text message or an inbox on Facebook but to actually send a card with a postage stamp isn’t going to happen.

My pet peeve, is don’t send me a damn cheap ass Christmas Card.  You know the ones where you can get 924 cards in a box for $4.88 from Walmart.  If you going to send a card make sure that it is pretty  because I display my cards and I don’t want your ugly ass Christmas card messing up my display.  I have a Christmas card display holder  but the last two years I didn’t even put it together because I didn’t receive enough cards.

When I shop for my Christmas cards it’s a major event.  My cards are expensive, you damn right!  I’m going to make sure my cards are classy and elegant and expensive looking.  I like some shit to fall off on your table too.  Bam here’s a little sprinkle to remember me by.  I was so upset this year because I only had a few Christmas Cards left over from last year and I had to buy new ones.  Confession time: I buy those expensive Christmas cards after Christmas every year. They are usually 60 -70 % off retail price.  Hey I said my cards are expensive but I didn’t say I spend a lot of money on them.

I usually send out my business clients Christmas Cards out in the mail on Thanksgiving Day. I read that if you send Christmas Cards make sure your stand out from the crowd so my Christmas cards are usually the first to arrive. Well I missed that deadline this year.

I am also noticing a trend of when I send a card magically a card comes from the same person I sent the card to.  Is this a new trend?  You don’t get a card until they receive one.  One year, one of Mr’s friend called to say they sent us a card but we didn’t send one back.  I had to send them two cards that year.  Somebody somewhere got that first card.  Guess who gets a Christmas Card first every year?  Um hm that person.  Now I’m thinking abouting it and I sent them a card over a week ago and I haven’t received one back.  Should I call them?

These stupid Christmas cards got me running to the mailbox like Cecile from the Color Purple “is there anything for me”? It must be bothering me because I wrote this blog.  I crack myself up!


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Hello it's me. I am who I am, whoever that is? I'm on this journey of life and trying to enjoy it one day at a time. I hope you enjoy my blogs because I will enjoy them by myself if you don't! I love to laugh and love to share laughter.

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