I survived Thanksgiving Dinner

Who in the (beep) starts an healthy eating program the week of Thanksgiving?  Me, that’s who.  It was my final straw when I went to church last Sunday and choose a dress that I tried to camouflage my rolls without a success.  I then wore a cape over it not because it was fashionable but for coverage.  I had been dealing with my parents illnesses for about 3-4 months now.  I have never been to so many doctors, test after test after test, lab work in my entire life between the two parents.  I won’t even talk about how stubborn each one of them can be.  Anyway, I thought I was handling everything just fine with no complaints.  I guess I didn’t complain because I ate my stress away.  I should have known when I had to throw away the Hudsonville Chocolate ice cream container that I just brought the week before.  I have to admit I don’t even know if Mr had any before it was gone.  Oh well, his lost and my gain. Weight gain that is. shit!   So I started planning for the National Fat Folks Holiday, the All you can eat and some more holiday otherwise known as THANKSGIVING DAYYYYY!!! Oh shit, how was I going to handle this.? Ok turkey, (good), ham, (don’t touch) mac & cheese (just kill me if I can’t have it) I got out my measuring cups and looked at what 1/2 cup looks like.  Not bad for a serving, I think I can handle that.  green beans ( no limit), dressing (not a major fan so no big deal. 1/4 cup) dessert (I made Angel food cake with coconut and pineapples and rum) In my mind I got this meal handled.  I get over to my parents and my daughter scooped into the cake by mistake and she said this looks like a sponge cake.  I said it is a sponge cake.  My mom said “that shit ain’t going to be good” I said it’s a low cal dessert and I wanted to try it.  If looks could kill I would have been dead on the spot.  When it was time for dessert my dad and myself was the first to try it.  My dad said it’s pretty good and I agreed.  So me and dad said nobody else could eat our cake since they made fun of it.  Then dad said boy this cake is so nasty then everybody wanted to taste my cake because they knew was trying not to share any of it. Grand #2, the picky picky eater was looking at me eat it and I asked him did he want to try it.  He asked what was in it.  He likes pineapples so he tried it.  It was like that commercial when the little boy Mikey liked the cereal.  He won’t eat it he hates everything.  He likes it! he likes it! hey #2!    Well I survived my most challenging day and I not saying the rest of this week will go smoothly but hey its my first holiday under my belt.   Yeah  baby I’m going to be fit and fine, foxy, fabulous, ok I’m running out of F words now.  High Five to Me aka Stephanie and Janet.

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Hello it's me. I am who I am, whoever that is? I'm on this journey of life and trying to enjoy it one day at a time. I hope you enjoy my blogs because I will enjoy them by myself if you don't! I love to laugh and love to share laughter.

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