”Twas the night before Thanksgiving by Janet

(Let me give you some background of Janet. Janet is my alter ego she cusses and says what’s on her mind no sugar coating. She usually takes over when I’m upset, frustrated or need to be more aggressive) I will suggest some of you just go to the next post because Stephanie have left the building

My day was planned  9:00 am – water aerobics and 4:20 take grandson #2 to the doctor’s office.  Make apple pie and new recipe for tomorrow and clean my house in the meantime.  Easy day.  I called daughter #1 out of 2.  I told her I will pick up the oldest two kids after school.  She said they had a half day of school so I thought I would watch them until she get off work at 8:30 pm.  Nothing wrong so far.  Mr got them haircuts and took them to Wally World (Walmart) I kid you not this is what they brought  2 kinds of donuts, 18 pc suckers,  cookies, and something else I forgotten.  I told him good thing he got suckers because that’s what he is  when it comes to them.  Oh let me backup  my stupid ass daughter didn’t realize until yesterday they have a 1/2 day of school. Everybody that have a kid in school knows the day before Thanksgiving is a half day of school! So that’s where the sitting issues came in.  I can do this I told myself. (Sidebar: I didn’t get that loving grandma gene babysitting bullshit) After taking #2 to doctor appointment I went to buy some wrestling shoes. Cost $50.00 SHIT! I thought well he and his brother both needs headgear $29.99 each  OH HELL NAW!  I got me some water shoes  $9.99. My total almost $150.00. WHAT THE F? My damn kids are grown! Why does it cost so damn much to play sports? Shit! I paid for this shit and I’m going out the door and BEEP BEEP BEEP the alarms are going off.  The cashier looks at me like I stole something. I thinking BITCH you are the one who checked me out and took off a sensor. She wasn’t smiling, why is she looking upset the sensor went off on my black ass not hers. Not trying to make race a issue  but you know if you see a black person and the security alarms going off you think all hell yeah they stole it. Hell I think the same thing. Now me and #2 gets home I just have a few more hours and their mom will pick them up. I can do this. #1 is always picking on #2. I’m sick of listening to this fighting. #2 is crying like a little bitch so I’m hollering at them to shut the hell up! I get to the bottom of the story and decided to hold #1 as #2 pop him upside his head. One more hour and their little asses will be going home. I have to get my pie cooked and my new recipe and my leg is kicking my ass. (Back surgery a couple of years ago) So I tell Mr, daughter #1 will be picking up grands soon. He tells me they are spending the night. WHAT???!!! HELL NAW, did he loose his damn mind? This is some bullshit. He told them they can spend the night. I tried to negotiate for Saturday instead of tonight but none of them took the bait. I explained all the things I have to do for dinner tomorrow, etc but they still didn’t change their mind. I didn’t have a choice but to give in. Now it’s time to get items ready for showers, who have to find their pjs? ME where is Mr ? IN the muther(beep) bed!!!!!!! Now my ass is on the couch because I know I better not push this leg too far.  So tomorrow on Thanksgiving day my ass will be up at the crack of dawn trying to cook all this shit.

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Hello it's me. I am who I am, whoever that is? I'm on this journey of life and trying to enjoy it one day at a time. I hope you enjoy my blogs because I will enjoy them by myself if you don't! I love to laugh and love to share laughter.

2 thoughts on “”Twas the night before Thanksgiving by Janet

  1. That is hilarious! Grands, kids all get on your nerves! Been up since 1:35 am (3:56 now), kid wants to talk cuz he has to work! Ugh! I have to get up and finish cooking too! Darn knee!!!!!
    Bah humbug! Shot That’s Christmas!


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